Feed the Hungry

House the Homeless

Keep the Creation


NHCC focuses its Mission activities on Feeding the Hungry, Housing the Homeless, and Keeping the Creation.  The NHCC Mission Committee helps organize  hands on service opportunities that occur regularly throughout the year and invites participation in our volunteer efforts -- everyone is welcome including friends, neighbors and visitors. 

Family Mission Sunday occurs regularly on the second Sunday of the month after worship in the Great Hall.  All children and adults are invited to help with making sandwiches for the hungry or some other accessible hands on mission project.  

The Advent Market in December supports alternative giving for the holidays.  Other regular activities and commitments are listed below.

Throughout the year, the mission committee promotes UCC offerings, identifies special needs and organizes offerings, activities and campaigns that are time limited.    United Church of Christ One Great Hour of Sharing and Neighbors in Need offerings occur annually.  Special offerings may include Church World service kits or donations for relief related to current disasters.  We recently supported a student from San Juan del Sur (Newton's sister city) for her last 2 years at the University of Managua.  Special offerings and organizations we support are listed below.

Click here for current and upcoming SPECIAL MISSION PROJECTS AND OFFERINGS.

You are invited to participate and the Mission committee invites ideas for activities or projects.  For more information on any program, to volunteer, to suggest an activity, or to join the committee,  email mission@nhcc.net or contact the church office.


Food Pantry Donations:  We collect  healthy, nonperishable food for Roxbury's Eliot Church Food pantry.  Special food collection boxes are located in the narthex (lobby for the sanctuary) or by the parking lot door.  Donations are recognized on Communion Sunday, the first Sunday of the month.

Family Mission Sunday is usually on the second Sunday of the month.  All ages are welcome at this hands on, accessible, family friendly mission activity.  We often make sandwiches for local programs. 

The Bread Run:  Bread and baked goods that would otherwise be thrown away are picked up by NHCC volunteers at Whole Foods Four Corners, left at NHCC and delivered the next morning by a volunteer to Roxbury's Pilgrim Church or the Pine Street Inn Homeless shelter in Boston.

Rosie's Place meal:  Meals are cooked at NHCC and served at Rosie's Place six times a year.

Financial Donations:  NHCC makes annual donationsto some organizations and conducts special offerings for local, national and international hunger and clean water focused programs addressing relief and/or systemic change.  Click here to see recipients of regular, discretionary offerings and special offerings.

Click here for information about Hunger and Food Insecurity in the United States and Overseas


Family Promise:  NHCC is a support congregation to Wellesley Hills Church that provides shelter to a homeless family several times a year.  NHCC helps with meal preparation and serving, set up, and hospitality.  NHCC volunteers also help out in the Natick office and day center.  One hour trainings are required prior to volunteering.

City Mission Society of Boston:  NHCC has an annual coat drive, an Advent/Christmas gift drive, special activities with CMS, and supports CMS financially.

Financial donations:  NHCC makes annual contributions and conducts special offerings for homelessness focused programs addressing relief and/or systemic change locally, nationally and internationally.  Click here to see recipients of regular, discretionary offerings and special offerings.


NHCC has been focusing on becoming "greener" in all its operations and activities and on providing education and support for families in our own efforts to live in a more sustainable and "greener" way.  These activities have been organized and promoted  by our Buildings and Grounds committee and Mission committee.

Audubon Work for Wildlife Day:  In late April, a group of all ages meets at NHCC and carpools to work at a Audubon sanctuary in the Greater Boston area.

INTERESTED IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE?  Find out more about these opportunities for volunteering and active participation.


The NHCC congregation is committed to giving 10% of our income to mission.  Some donations are regularly occurring, others come out of our discretionary budget.

NHCC supports the United Church of Christ One Great Hour of Sharing offering (OGHS) in the Spring and the UCC Neighbors in Need (NIN) offering in the fall.  At times we schedule offerings e.g. for disaster response or special appeals.

NHCC has a Matching Funds Program whereby we support organizations that are supported by NHCC members.  Click here for information and the application.

INITERESTED IN CONTRIBUTING?  In addition to supporting NHCC programs and ministries, NHCC provides financial support for a number of organizations and appeals.  The NHCC Mission Committee organizes fund drives and has a discretionary fund that can be used to provide support to special appeals and  organizations.  Some we have supported include:


Advent Market
NHCC's Advent Market (formerly the Alternative Giving Market), is a way to celebrate gift-giving during the holiday season while making a positive impact on our world. Held in early December, Advent wreath the market features a family friendly atmosphere (lunch, wreath-making, crafts created by church school classes) and a variety of choices for gifts. Church members have sold their own hand crafted items and donated proceeds to one of the organizations supported by NHCC.  Organizations featured at the Advent Market fall into one or more of our key mission areas: Feed the Hungry, House the Homeless, and Keep the Creation. Products available have supported Equal Exchange (Fair Trade) products, Family Promise, Rosie's Place, and Church World Service. In addition, there were opportunities to make donations (in the name of a friend or family member where appropriate) to the Eliot Church Food Bank, Heifer International, Church World Service, and the City Mission Society.  Generally scheduled for the first Sunday in December unless that is the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Audubon Work for Wildlife Day

Every year in April, Audubon organizes a day for volunteers to do a day of service at a Greater Boston Audubon refuge.  Many of the activities are suitable for children.  Volunteers sign up ahead of time (contact Carol Hausner), meet in the parking lot of NHCC and carpool to the assigned location.  Watch for announcements in the bulletin.  Click here for the Work for Wildlife website.
Communion Sunday Food Donation
canned foodThroughout the year, NHCC members are invited and encouraged to bring offerings of healthy, non-perishable food items to church. We make this a special focus of the first Sunday as part of our monthly Communion service. Donations are brought up to the chancel by the ushers as part of the morning offering. All donations go to Roxbury's Eliot Church Food Bank as part of our "Feed the Hungry" mission.

Family Mission Sundays

On the second Sunday from September to June, NHCC members are invited and encouraged to come to the Great Hall after the worship service to participate in an intergenerational, accessible mission activity. These activities last about 45 minutes and adults, youth and children of all ages can help out.  Several times a year we prepare sandwiches for the Community Day Center of Waltham which serves the homeless and isolated.  Contact Tripti Thomas for more information.
Family Promise Metrowest 
The Family Promise Metrowest Interfaith Hospitality Network is a cooperative, interfaith partnership offering hope to homeless families with children through safe transitional shelter, meals, and supportive case management as they seek permanent housing. For more information please visit www.familypromisemetrowest.org/ . There are multiple ways to participate in this program from donations of specific items to cooking a meal for the guest families or volunteering at MIHN's day center in Natick. Very specific information about the needs of the day center and guest families can be found here.  NHCC plays an important role as a support congregation to Wellesley Hills Congregational Church. Our goal this year is to train ten new volunteers. To find a training session that you can attend, click here.  Speak with Marianne Talis for more information.
Rosie's Place
Rosie's Place is a sanctuary for poor and homeless women. It offers both emergency and long term meal service assistance to women who have no place else to turn. It relies on volunteers to accomplish its work and accepts no government funds. NHCC donates about $1,200 worth of dinners to Rosie's Place annually and sells pins made by the women at our December Advent Market. If you would like to help make a dinner for Rosie's Place, please contact Marianne Talis. Apple Cakes are always needed! Bert's Apple Cake Recipe is a good one. 
Whole Foods Bread Pick Up and Delivery
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday unsold bread and pastries are picked up at closing  time (10 PM) at Whole Foods in Newton Four Corners. In the morning, the bread and pastry are delivered to either the Pilgrim Church in Dorchester or to The Pine Street Inn in Boston. The average value of each pick up is $500. Some volunteers pick up the bread at night and deliver it to the church.  Others deliver it in the morning.  We are looking for more volunteers to back up our regular drivers and ideally to add a Saturday night pick up. Our neighbors in Boston really depend on these deliveries. If you are interested or would like more information please contact Marian Reynolds. 
Neighbors in Need offering
Neighbors in Need is a special mission offering of the UCC that supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States.  One-third of NIN funds support the Council for American Indian Ministry. Two-thirds of the offering is used by the UCC's Justice and Witness Ministries to support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects.
Click here for more information about this offering.   Click here for more extensive information on the national United Church of Christ website.
One Great Hour of Sharing
One Great Hour of Sharing, as part of Our Church's Wider Mission, is one of the four special mission offerings of the United Church of Christ. Working in 138 countries, the offering provides hope to people in more than eighty countries. The UCC works with international partners to provide support to health, education, refugee, agricultural, and emergency relief initiatives.  Click here for information about these programs.
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For more information, you can email mission@nhcc.net or contact the church office.