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NHCC Matching Funds Program


On occasion a member of the Newton Highlands Congregational Church has a close connection with a nonprofit service organization and requests that the NHCC mission committee support their organization.  In response to this, the Mission Committee has committed to using a portion of the discretionary budget to make one time matching gifts to a limited number of 5013c organizations.  Gifts will be matched up to a total of $250 per organization.  Any NHCC congregation member who would like the committee to consider an organization they are involved with for a gift can submit the request and information about the organization to the chair of the Mission committee using the downloadable application.  This information will be presented to the Mission committee in the monthly meeting for consideration.  Preference will be given to organizations whose mission is compatible with the mission focus of the NHCC congregation, organizations with solid financials, and faith based organizations.

Download the application here.



The Guild for Human Services:  The Guild Guild is a resident school in Waltham Massachusetts for students 6 - 22 that has been in existence since 1940.  The Guild's Mission is to provide services to students with complex special needs including mental health issues, autism, developmental disabilities, and emotional and behavioral challenges.  The Guild facilities include a school, support services, and seven community based homes in Belmont, Watertown and Waltham.  The Guild is located in Waltham, MA.